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Friends of District 33A,

For the last eight years I have represented you in the Maryland House of Delegates.  Throughout my two terms, I have worked hard to represent our community, and keep my campaign promises.  As promised I have pursued our common goals to:

  1. lower taxes and reduce the size of the government,
  2. defend our 2nd Amendment rights,
  3. and protect the rights of the unborn.

It's been an honor to represent you for the last eight years and I look forward to continuing to serve as your Delegate.

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What's New

9/14/2010 - VICTORY !!!

Thank you to the voters of District 33A for re-electing Tony to a third four year term in the Maryland House of Delegates and thank you to the many people who supported the campaign financially and with the early mornings and the late nights that are crucial to winning.  

8/24/2010 - Three weeks until the Primary, Volunteers Still Needed

Volunteers are still needed.  Check out the Join The Team page and contact us if you would be able to help. 

8/24/2010 - The National Rifle Association Endorses Tony

Winning the endorsement again for 2010 the NRA states "Your exemplary record of past service in the Maryland House of Delegates clearly illustrates your commitment to protecting the rights of law-abiding firearm owners and sportsmen. Based upon your proven record and firm pledge to continue to serve as an advocate for Maryland's law-abiding gun owners, you have earned an "A" rating from the NRA"

8/23/2010 - Sign Wave with Senator Simonaire

Thank you to Senator Bryan Simonaire who signed waved with us on the border between Districts 31 and 33A at Joe's Seafood on Ritchie Hwy and Rt. 648. More sign waves are scheduled, please contact the campaign to help out.

8/11/2010 - The National Federation of Independent Business Endorses Tony

NFIB that represents the problems and priorities of small business owners endorsed Tony and stated "Based on your Maryland NFIB voting record, we believe that you are the best choice to represent the views of the men and women who own, operate and work in Maryland small businesses."

8/07/2010 - Tripwire Endorses Tony

Tripwire, a newsletter that advocates for Maryland gun rights, endorsed Tony and said in "33A voters should definitely support incumbent Tony McConkey".

8/06/2010 - Maryland Right to Life Endorses Tony

Once again Tony has been recognized for his leadership in standing up for the unborn.  Tony has been a leader in eliminating state funding for abortion and embryonic stem cell research that kills live human embryos.

8/06/2010 - Crofton Sign Wave

Thank you to the volunteers who woke up early, and came out to show support for Tony by sign waving on on Route 3 in Crofton.  More sign waves are scheduled, please contact the campaign to help out.

8/5/2010 - Senator Simonaire and Delegate McConkey request audit of AA School Board

Following up on the 2010 legislative session in which the Anne Arundel Delegation considered a number of changes to the selection and operation of the School Board, Senator Bryon Simonarie (Dist 31) and Delegate McConkey asked Anne Arundel County to perform a financial accounting of the AA School Board.  Click here to read the article. 

7/29/2010 - Maryland Chamber of Commerce PAC Endorses Tony

In a letter from the Chair, Betty Buck, the Chamber states "In recognition of your steadfast support of Maryland's business community... Your work in Annapolis clearly demonstrates that you understand the economic importance of a strong business climate.

7/29/2010 - Red Maryland Endorses Tony

The premier conservative blog in the state, Red Maryland, was very supportive in its praise "District 33A is one of our most conservative districts, and Tony McConkey has represented these principles well in Annapolis.  Tony has been a voice for conservative principles and ideals, including being fantastic on issues that impact your taxes, the size of government, schools, and on the issues of life."

7/5/2010 - Severna Park Fourth of July Parade

Tony and Edna recovered quickly and were back on the pavement Monday morning for the Severna Park Independence Day Parade.  Supporters were on hand distributing balloons and Frisbees.  The heat held off for most of the parade and it was a wonderful day.  Thank you Severna Park!

7/4/2010 - Annapolis Fourth of July Parade

Tony had the honor of celebrating Independence Day in the City of Annapolis shortly before the fireworks.  Tony's entry into the parade was unique this year.  Edna Anne McConkey (4 months) made her parade debut in a yellow dress and a stroller decked out in campaign signs and balloons.  Thank you to the parade goers who gave such a warm welcome.

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